Awaken to your Strength & Courage.

Birthing from Within Childbirth Classes Atlanta

Awaken to your Strength & Courage.

Come, join us. Be heard, feel confident and prepared as you bring new life into the world. We know sometimes it can be hard - let us help ease the way.

Atlanta-based Childbirth Classes & Birth Story Healing

Trained and certified in Birth Story Healing, Birth Art and Birthing From Within childbirth preparation, we are skilled and experienced mentors and listeners. Our local and virtual childbirth classes, grandparenting classes, and birth story sessions provide the nourishing support you have been searching for.

- Pam Roe & Guina Bixler

Mothers, Grandmothers, Friends, and Seasoned Birth Professionals with 20+ years of combined experience supporting local families and birth pros.