We are two mothers who are also now grandmothers. We have walked this path with hundreds of families and we are here to be with you now.

Guina Bixler

Certified Birthing From Within Mentor, Advanced Birth Story Listener, trained and experienced Birth Art mentor, Grandparenting Educator, Birth Doula

For almost two decades I have nurtured birthing people and their partners. This work spills from my very soul because I believe that being a parent is such an important role. In 2000 as our children were grown and moving out I wondered what I would ‘do’ in the world and soon realized that my heartfelt love for birth, motherhood, and now grandmotherhood could serve a deep need in our world, in YOUR world.

I am eternally grateful for Pam England and the work she has done to awaken the world to the truth about birth as a journey that needs preparation. In my Birthing From Within classes I open doors to help people understand and normalize birth and the many emotions which arise. As a Birth Story Healer I help birthers, partners and birth professionals see what may feel like a traumatic experience in a new way so they are able to move forward with a healed and full heart. Now I am a grandmother and I’ve learned how delicate the relationship between generations truly is so I help both new parents and grandparents understand one another more richly so that there can be healthy and happy family connections. When I’m not doing birthy things you’ll find me happily in or near water. Our three granddaughters and our goddaughter make for tons of fun and laughter and are a great excuse to see all the current kid movies and plays.


Pam Roe

Certified Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula, Advanced Birth Story Listener, trained and experienced Birth Art mentor and Grandparenting Educator, Lactation Educator and Counselor, PSI(Postpartum Support Int) Trained Professional

Welcome! I’m Pam Roe, a Birthing From Within Mentor and Doula, a Birth Story Listener, a Grandparenting Mentor, and a Birth Art Mentor. My work supporting parents and babies began in 1990, as a La Leche League leader. That position focused exclusively on breastfeeding, but soon led to attending births, sitting quietly with laboring parents, pouring warm water on ample bellies through one contraction at a time. I discovered my calling. I began attending births as a certified doula. By 2008 I was also a Birthing From Within mentor, trained by author and visionary, Pam England. In this “work” I guide parents through their own journey of preparation for birth as the threshold experience that it is, sharing practical information about birth in varied environments and normalizing all the emotions that occur before, during, and after the emergence of a new life.

I’ve attended hundreds of births and mentored hundreds of families through childbirth preparation in and around Atlanta. And yet, learning is always reciprocated. I learn from each parent as they learn from me.

Birthing From Within spills over into every part of my life. I am a wife, a mother of adult children, and now a grandmother, as well as a business person and human being. Birthing From Within enriches each of those roles with insight, discernment, and mindfulness. I’m excited to share Birthing From Within with you!