Making birth art can sometimes bring up feelings of anxiety or doubt. It has a lot to teach us about birth.

During your 90 minute session your mentor will listen to what is on your heart as you prepare for birth or heal from a previous birth. You will be gently guided through a process which will allow your thoughts and feelings to emerge on paper. There will be time to process what arose as you journal and as you and your mentor talk through the experience.

You will begin to see what may have previously been hidden and may be surprised by an amazing sense of peace and clarity.

Available virtually via zoom or in-person in metro Atlanta or the First Coast region of Florida.

COST: $100

Why birth art?

We live mostly in our ‘thinking’ minds.  We are planning, arranging, reading, worrying. That’s the left and ‘get it done’ side of us. That’s our survival self and we need it. But when we play with color, and image making, when we allow ourselves to be messy and even a little uncomfortable we often notice what was hidden in all that busyness and find a fresh awakening, allowing us to move through life with more ease and understanding.  Guess what? Birth is messy too, and birth art can help you understand what you need to move into the unknown of what is ahead.

birth art sessions
birth art
Photo by Andie Nantz.