Private Birth Story Sessions

What gifts will you bring back from your Journey? What struggles?

As birth professionals we are all familiar with burnout and trauma. We leave a birth or a postpartum client  sometimes glowing, yet often with questions or a knot in our bellies. We might ask ourselves what WE could have or should have done differently or better. As birth professionals we are practiced at setting those feelings and questions aside as we go about our daily lives, even as we move on to the next birth. Could that situation be coloring the way you step into your next client relationship?

Our Birth Story Listening sessions will help you process the events which keep running around in your heart and head, allowing you to move into future births and client care with a renewed sense of understanding and passion for your work.

This beneficial work is available to you in a one-on-one 60-90 minute session with either Guina or Pam. Private sessions are also available online via (Zoom or Thinkific??)

COST: $85

Group Workshops

Birthing From Within Atlanta harbors a strong commitment to our local birth community of doulas, midwives, nurses and others. We offer group workshops for birth professionals in and around Atlanta. Cradled in a safe community with other birth professionals you can feel held and heard. You'll learn new perspectives for the meaningful work we do.

Our Birth Pro Cohort sessions are offered every other month. In each workshop you'll participate in BFW processes intended to spark rejuvenation for YOU. These cohort workshops may also provide you with new insights into the work you do.

COST: Your participation in the Birth Pro Cohort will include a $30 fee per session. A four session package can be purchased for $100 and can be used anytime within one year of purchase date.

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