What would you like to know as you cross the threshold into grandparenting? How do you see your role in the changing family dynamics?

As parents we’ve already played a crucial role in the lives of our children. We’ve done our best to be influential and intentional in raising them and as these young ones prepare to become parents themselves they may look to us for advice or they may not. It’s hard to know where to fit in as roles shift during this powerful season in both our lives and the lives of our children.

There are new and exciting concepts and practical shifts in the many different ways in which birth happens now. Our children and their partners have so many more choices than we may have had, and newborn care has changed too. Our young parents get information from many different sources and may need us in different ways than those in which we needed our parents.

 Beyond actual physical care, we may be unsure of our role in the emotional and ‘advice-giving’ part of being older, seasoned and skillful in life. We are here to help!

The season of grandparenting is pivotal. It is a time in which our relationships may grow and flourish or, if not handled with love and care, may drive a wedge between us and our adult children, between us and their partners, between us and the babies we long to love.


Group classes (virtual or in-person) 3hrs - $70 (solo) $95 (couple)
Private classes - $90/$115

grandparenting class
Photo by The Studio B Photography
grandparenting class