childbirth class review

"I do think the pre-birth work we did in our Birth Story Listening session made a huge difference. It prepared me mentally so well, which really helped me to stay focused on how my body has been made to birth when everything became intense."

- Beth

"Thank you for providing a supportive and comfortable environment that made it very easy to share and learn. The course really exceeded my expectations and I learned more than anticipated.


"Thanks for teaching that class because you definitely helped to refresh my mind that women can give birth and not suffer."


childbirth class review

"I really cannot say enough good things about my experience with Guina and Pam! We started with the Pam’s Birthing From Within classes and little did we know that it would not only result in confidence during the birth of our two boys, but wonderful friendships! Guina was with us through both of our labors and I do look back fondly on my birthing experiences. Guina seemed to know exactly when to offer help and exactly what to say! Pam and Guina will always hold a special place in my heart!"

Erin Oxford


"Your childbirth classes created greater understanding and support as birth partners. We have carried the practices we learned and deeper understandings above and beyond labor adding value to our marriage and life."

Katie O’Malley/Colt Mahana

childbirth class review

"You brought us information that has been so valuable. My partner was able to help throughout the week and in the hospital because he understood the processes. He was also a really good masseuse on my back and feet. He was a great birth partner!"


"I had already had one baby by the time I took Pam's childbirth class. I was unhappy with the way the birth of my first child had gone and wanted to know my options for my 2nd child's delivery. This class was exactly what I was looking for. I felt empowered to speak up for myself at the hospital during my next two deliveries. I felt I better understood what was going on with my body during labor and was able to use the coping skills I learned. I truly believe that because of Pam I was confident enough and able to do a V-BAC water birth with my 3rd child."

Katie Jones

childbirth class review

"I cannot thank you enough for so thoroughly preparing Josh and me for this experience. I can’t imagine how different it might have been, had we not taken your class. Thank you Sally, Rebekah, Corinna and Melinda- my little community of brave moms (and soon-to-be mom!). You gave me strength in solidarity when I really needed it."

- E.M.

"She was just lovely the whole way through too. She was sweet, kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable and understanding."


childbirth class review

"The rewards of my birth experience emerged from the pain I endured. I am humbled and grateful to join the ranks of so many women who have performed this sacred ritual behind closed doors."


"You did an incredible job helping me to realize that the tools I needed to heal from my second birth, and prepare for my third birth, were already inside me and right next to me - my husband, doula, affirmation cards, music. You gave me such practical, yet encouraging advice to reach out to my resources if I felt like my mind was leaning towards fear and negativity. You helped me open my eyes to know that even if things did not go the way I was planning, that I still had what I needed to discuss my care with my birth team and to continue onwards with confidence."


childbirth class review

"Their support and guidance were invaluable to help us feel ready (as ready as anyone can be!) and to help us gain the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions in each step of the journey. Moments of advice, and pieces of wisdom they gave us have stuck with me through the years, and are with me even now, as my children are now six and nine.

They made us feel supported, and they genuinely care about our family’s wellbeing. They also respected our boundaries and beliefs. Decisions were always up to us, and they supported us in gathering information, thinking through our options, and voicing our concerns and preferences. "

Tally Johnson

"The class fostered important communication and made us feel even more connected to one another and our baby"


childbirth class review

"My husband and I lost one of our twin boys at 15 1/2 weeks gestation. The loss was insurmountable, and as we approached the birth of our son I had terrible fears.

My doula put me in touch with Guina and assured me she would help me process and be emotionally prepared for the birth. Guina became our guardian angel. She held the purest space for me while i processed the experience and began to see the beauty of what life truly is.

She is the warmest most comforting soul and has a true gift with helping men and women work through trauma."



"These women have had a profound effect on our lives, and I consider it one of the luckiest chances of my life that we found them and decided to work with them."

Tally Johnson