Why take an online childbirth class?

When an in-person class isn’t for you, whether due to PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS such as BEDREST, PLANNED CESAREAN BIRTH, or due to inconvenient times or locations, our online classes offer the same foundation of confidence and preparedness in a format to meet your unique needs. Virtual classes are available privately or as part of a group of parents sharing similar journeys.

Childbirth is an initiation, a threshold experience.

The purpose of our classes is to prepare birthing people and their support people to give birth in awareness and without expectation of a specific outcome.

Birthing From Within prepares you to move through the intensity of labor by helping you understand that there are many ways to cope with pain and the emotional roller coaster that is often a part of the process. Much can be done to avoid suffering. You will better understand what is involved in the many paths birth can take and how to navigate them.

You will learn over 40 ways to cope, how to ask questions and get answers so you can make decisions that are right for YOU. Part of coping involves creating a space for your birth that will allow you to feel safe and comfortable.These practices can also help during the early weeks of parenting.

Group Virtual Birthing From Within Series

The 4 class series includes:

  • 4 three-hour ZOOM sessions.
  • handouts and information about the classes upon registration.

COST: $295

The birthing parent may include one support person/partner at no additional charge.

Private Virtual Birthing From Within Series

Experience has shown that participating in a group class greatly enhances the learning process. Because we understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible, this series is available privately and tailored to fit your individual needs.

COST: $400

The birthing parent may include one support person/partner at no additional charge.

We are proud to continue offering group and private Birthing From Within classes through our sister company, emerge birth services.

Online Childbirth Classes
Online Childbirth Classes