Breastfeeding Prep Class

breastfeeding prep class atlanta

Taking a Birthing From Within, non-judgemental approach to the sometimes complex breastfeeding relationship, this class covers the whys and hows of breastfeeding. We also explore available options as your unique breastfeeding journey evolves.

This is a hands-on class – you will practice with dolls for positioning, see optimal breastfeeding on video, and engage in lively interactive discussions.  A birth partner/attendant is encouraged to attend. As a bonus, once your baby arrives, we offer FREE support by phone or video chat if you have questions or concerns about feeding.

COST: $100
The birthing parent may include one support person/partner at no additional charge.

Birthing Again Workshop

birthing again workshop atlanta

This 7-hour, two-session series is for parents who have taken any type of childbirth preparation with a previous birth. The first three hours is for birthing mothers only. The next day there will be a separate one-hour session for birth partners. These separate sessions help participants, both birthing mothers and partners, to gently unwind previous birth stories and prepare for a new and different experience, helping everyone view birth with a fresh perspective.

Immediately following the partner session birthing mothers will join for the remaining 3-hours. In the couples’ portion of class, birthing mothers and partners will dust off pain-coping skills and create time to focus on THIS birth and THIS baby. While learning ways to integrate the new baby into the existing family, we pay special attention to helping siblings with the transition.

Enjoy this time together as you take a breath and connect with your growing family.

COST: $200. The birthing parent may include one support person/partner at no additional charge.

You may also choose to book a private Birthing Again class for $300.

Birth Art Sessions

birth art sessions

Making birth art can sometimes bring up feelings of anxiety or doubt. It has a lot to teach us about birth.
During your 90 minute session your mentor will listen to what is on your heart as you prepare for birth or heal from a previous birth. You will be gently guided through a process which will allow your thoughts and feelings to emerge on paper. There will be time to process what arose as you journal and as you and your mentor talk through the experience.

You will begin to see what may have previously been hidden and may be surprised by an amazing sense of peace and clarity.

HOW TO BOOK: Call or text (404) 382-7317.

COST: $85